Strategic metals - the perfect strategy for real material assets!

Simply put, strategic metals are metals that are both rare and play a vital role in manufacturing. Substances such as rhenium, indium, gallium and hafnium are used in the aerospace industry, for example. Moreover, without them there would be, among other things, no smartphones, no digital storage media and no flat screens. These are markets that are subject to strong growth and high demand.

The fact that demand for these essential strategic metals continues to increase was shown in a highly acclaimed study by Sony Ericsson from 2013. This study predicts that 9.5 billion smartphones and 650 million tablets will be in use worldwide by 2020. Currently around 2 billion people use smartphones. Sony Ericsson therefore anticipates an almost a fivefold increase in global use of smartphones in the next five years. This means that nearly 9 out of 10 people will have one or more phones. This exceptionally robust level of growth will require huge amounts of scarce and valuable strategic metals!

Strategic metals are used in numerous high-tech technologies, but they are available only in limited amounts. So whoever owns these prized metals will be much sought after in the future by modern industries.

SMH Schweizerische Metallhandels AG Deutschland makes these strategic metals available for sale to both individuals and businesses and also provides for their long term secure storage. The following pages will show you how it works and which strategic metals are available for purchase. Tell us how we can help you?

Here are several good reasons why you should buy strategic metals!

  • Strategic metals shape the whole of our lives

  • You acquire 100 percent physical assets

  • After a year, disposal currently need not be declared in German tax returns.

  • A market with constantly increasing demand not subject to speculation or fluctua-tions in the stock market

  • Each owner has access to his metals

  • Metals can also be purchased in smaller units

  • Strategic metals are essential to modern manufacturing

  • Highest levels of security is ensured through storage in the high-security wing of a duty-free warehouse

  • Fair and reasonable storage rates

Interesting facts about strategic metals

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